MythBusters Cruise360

MYTH - Cruise360 is only a "cruise show".
FACT - Cruise360 is a global travel show!  All facets of the travel industry participate. Destinations, technology providers, host agencies, insurance companies, hotels and lodging properties. The sky is the limit. Yes, cruising is important...but there is much, much more!

MYTH - My company can't attend, we are not a CLIA Cruise Line.   
FACT - While Cruise Line participation is limited to CLIA Cruise Line members, CLIA membership is not required for non-Cruise Line sponsors and exhibitors at Cruise360.  

MYTH - It's only a trade show, right?                     
FACT - There is much more to Cruise360 than a trade show. There are many types of educational workshops, general sessions and the Hall of Fame Gala...we could go on. We can work with you to find the right mix for your product or service.

MYTH - So, it’s just cruise lines and hotels?
FACT - Cruise360 is the full panorama of travel goods and services!   Including: back office technology, digital marketing, incentive programs, premiums, travel goods such as luggage, insurance and much more.   And, of course, more destinations than you can count!  The imagination is the limit!

MYTH - It’s just the same old agents….
FACT - 70% of the 2018 attendees were first-time attendees!   They come with excitement, vitality and a willingness to learn.  They are keen on education and not afraid to work hard!

MYTH - There is no professional development for me.   
FACT - The Cruise360 general sessions are a wealth of information that applies to the whole travel industry. Many exhibitors add the general sessions and the Hall of Fame Gala to their registration to help them stay current with industry trends and to hear from top travel industry leaders.

MYTH - Cruise360 is the same as it was 15 years ago.     
FACT - CLIA has been investing heavily in Cruise360. Adding new components, refreshing offerings, and reimagining the entire experience. As a result, the Net Promoter Score, which measures how likely exhibitors are to recommend others, has skyrocketed from 3 to 31. Exhibitors are excited ... we are can be excited too.

MYTH - CLIA agents only sell cruises.     
FACT - CLIA agents sell cruise AND so much more! 

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